History Lessons (Newland Road Series Book 1)

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History Lessons (Newland Road Series Book 1)

Author: Linda Leigh Hargrove
Pages: 160
Publication Date: 2017
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Rural North Carolina, 1973

At first, Paula Raye Lawrence is dead set on leaving the small farming community of Cherry, North Carolina. She's willing to work in the cucumber fields, take in sewing, and tutor GED students to realize her dream of escaping her rural roots (and past mistakes) to become a big-city math teacher.

But then a visit from Dr. Edward Anderson III, a young handsome history professor, from UNC Chapel Hill changes her mind. Through Edward's eyes, Paula begins to see the influences of Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington hidden in plain sight all around her tiny coastal North Carolina community.

After rumors surface about why he's not fighting in the war raging in Vietnam, she begins to doubt his real romantic intentions. Is he worth giving up her dreams for or is he just like her late father — just another rolling stone.
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