Making Peace at the Well Talk

Excerpt from my ‘Making Peace at the Well’ talk —

Jesus took a risk to meet the woman at the well. But it was a risk he was willing to take. He knew something that she didn’t: reconciliation was necessary. And like a drink of water in the desert, it wasn’t going to fall from the sky. He had to go looking for it.

So He met her there and they started talking. Jesus told the woman about living water, water that never runs out, water that satisfies eternally. He told her great and mighty things. She thought He was a prophet talking about indoor plumbing. She was missing the point.

I can’t fault the woman because sometimes I miss the point. We all do, I suppose.

Are you in need of diversity training or a racial reconciliation speaker or facilitator? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

My full list of speaking topics:

  • Making Peace at the Well (biblical racial reconciliation)
  • Surviving Adoption (infant and toddler adoption)
  • Crafting R.E.A.L. fiction (creative writing)

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