Racial Reconciliation Through Art

A vibrant message of grace and reconciliation for church, home, office

About the Gospel Painting

The Gospel painting depicts two sets of hands–one pair from a black person, the other from a white person. The hands are joined in prayer across the middle and are lifted in vertical praise to God down the middle. The intersection of the four hands form a cross, back-dropped by vibrant fiery ring bursting from a crown of thorns and above it all, a peaceful blue sky. I think it depicts the power and peace inherent in the Gospel of Christ.

recon corner

What people are saying about the painting

“Linda, I love that painting. It’s so poignant. I am getting teared up.” ~C. B. Andrews, director of Jubilee Inner-Town Ministries

“Beautiful painting, Linda.” ~Ed Gilbreath, author of “Reconciliation Blues”

Where to ordernote card

After posting a photo from my living room to Facebook (above), I received requests for reprints. So I created a CafePress store for easy ordering and shipment to anywhere in the world.Click here to see the poster version. Here’s a link to my CafePress online store: Seventeen Shop. The 11×17 inch poster is $6.99 (USD) plus shipping and handling. While you’re there, check out my Gospel Hands note cards. Bless others with a unique gift (or keep it for yourself).

What do you think? Where would you hang a Gospel Poster?

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