My Fiction

I started writing fiction as a teenager. All the cool (nerdy) kids wrote stories. As an engineering student in college I dabbled in poetry but eventually came back to writing fiction in 1997. My first novel was published by Moody Publishers in 2007. Read more about my published works here.

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My Nonfiction

My nonfiction titles include the two books in my Toolkit series. The first book is a detailed presentation of everything I wish someone had told me before I started my home-based web design business. The second book is a short but dense book of resources and insights for fiction writers. I wrote both books in response to reader requests. Enjoy.

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Racial Reconciliation

In 1991, my husband and I started co-leading racial reconciliation discussion groups called Supper Clubs. We did that for 10 years. Over that decade my understanding and passion for biblical racial reconciliation grew. My fiction reflects a lot of what I've gleaned and experienced. I still have a lot to learn. Come with me on my journey.

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3Ps eBook Bernard EdwardsSo, you’ve finally finished the outline for the book and you’ve written a couple chapters but the manuscript isn’t quite coming together. I can help with that.

I can take what you’ve written and finish the project while maintaining your “voice” in the piece. I’ve ghostwritten and co-written fiction and nonfiction books.

Below is a quote from Bernard Edwards, the co-writer of the book shown here.

Linda is amazing. [She] did not skip a beat. It was like she was able to read my mind and provide the insight and additional penmanship my project needed. Having her on the team has truly been a blessing.”