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The Making of Isaac Hunt coverThe Making of Isaac Hunt

(Book One in the Isaac Hunt series)

Isaac’s determined to uncover the truth about the birthmother he never knew. He’s tired of living a lie.

His desperate search for the truth takes him to Pettigrew. This small town ruled by the powerful white Benson family is shrouded in secrets—secrets about Isaac that some townspeople are willing to kill for.

Will he find his real identity or just a whole lot of trouble?

ISBN: 0802462693
Moody Publishers/Lift Every Voice, June 2007
Keyword Tags: biracial, adoption, forgiveness, reconciliation, racial identity

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Loving Cee Cee Johnson CoverLoving Cee Cee Johnson

(Book Two in the Isaac Hunt series)

Carla Celine “Cee Cee” Johnson has been living a life of her own making. Success hasn’t come to her. She’s made it with her own sweat and one big lie. But every lie has an end.

Cee Cee has avoided Pettigrew, her hometown, for decades. It’s represented nothing but poverty and hate. But after near-fatal brushes with fate, the celebrated TV reporter is forced to face her pride and deception.

Can she forgive her father, the man who sought for many years to destroy her dreams? Her destiny is in the hands of a handsome white playwright and his friend, Isaac Hunt.

ISBN: 0802462707
Moody Publishers/Lift Every Voice, September 2008
Keyword Tags: interracial romance, forgiveness, reconciliation, adoption

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Saving Tate Michaels coverSaving Tate Michaels

(Book Three in the Isaac Hunt series)

Follow Tate Michaels’s risky search for fame and faith in this hard-hitting drama set in the post-racial South.

Former FBI agent Tate Michaels’s past and present threaten to pull him further from his relationship with God and family when he needs them most. To save his family from a kidnapper bent on revenge, Tate Michaels must first lose himself.

Tate is a talented, intelligent black man who wants to move quickly up the ranks in the FBI. In his mind, the darker your skin, the slower the promotion. A slow rise to the top is not part of his career plan. After getting wind of an operation in Pettigrew, North Carolina, he leaps into the fray like an action hero, determined to make a high profile bust.

When the operation falls apart, Tate’s irresponsible antics get him stripped of his post (and his pride). To make matters worse, he draws the attention of Lew Spencer. Lew has his sights on resurrecting the defunct United Front, a Klan-like hate group once based in Pettigrew. Paranoid and violent, Lew puts his usual sex trafficking and drug pushing operations on hold to eliminate Tate Michaels once and for all. He kidnaps Tate’s family and sets an enormous ransom.

As Tate races against time to save his family from this madman, the question becomes who will save Tate Michaels. His salvation comes in the form of a feisty prostitute, a reformed racist, and the fair-skinned black man Tate vowed to eliminate from his life—his former friend, Isaac Hunt.

Tate Michaels learns the true meaning of faith, love, and family in this third and last installment of the Isaac Hunt series.

ISBN: 978-0-9909412-0-0
Self-published Kindle eBook, September 2014
Paperback, November 2014
Keyword Tags: forgiveness, reconciliation, adoption

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