Eating Donuts in November

My boys eating donuts in Krispy KremeNovember is a special month for me. It’s the month I celebrate adoption.

My three sons are adopted. These are my “brothers from other mothers”. My three kings.

Yes, I celebrate their lives every day. Most days, I’ll be honest, I forget they’re adopted. They are just my boys. But in November on National Adoption Day I choose to be intentional about raising awareness about adoption and sending the message that adoption is nothing to be ashamed of. As you can tell, I’m one of those tell-your-kids-the-truth adoptive parents.

So in this month known for turkey and stuffing, we feast on donuts. This tradition delighted the kids when they were little, especially since we seldom had donuts.

The scarcity of the fried confection made it special. My hope is that it reminds them of their uniqueness, their ‘specialness’.

Our donut outing is also a reminder that although they’ve come together as brothers from other mothers, they are family now. Forever family.

During our ‘meal’, we talk about family–adoptive and birth. And we reflect on how we’ve been blessed with each other. It’s like a Thanksgiving with donuts.

Just in case you’re wondering: I’m not the only one who celebrates adoption during the 11th month of the year. The entire U.S. does too. National Adoption Day (@natadoptionday) is a really big deal in many U.S. communities.

If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, you can share your National Adoption Day story with the #onedayproject hashtag.

So how do you celebrate your brothers (and sisters) of other mothers in November?


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