Flies in the Ointment

dead houseflyI recently found out through a devoted reader that my latest release was full of typographical errors?

These are her words: The first two books [in the series] are 5 star.  I had to give [the third book], 4 stars because it has far too many errors.

My initial reaction was a mixture of anger and no-she-didn’t-say-that.

Then I re-read my manuscript.

I was floored at the number of errors I found and I felt like an utter failure.

My book, written and rewritten and revised, missed the mark. It was meant to be an ointment of sorts for the ills of racism in the Body of Christ. But what use is an ointment if no one can stand to use it?

I could make excuses for my failure. I could say that this is my first attempt at self-publishing. I could tell you about being without work for several months. I could tell you about how I could not afford a freelance editor so I used beta readers instead. But I won’t.

At the root of my shortcomings is my uncertainty as a writer. With three books in print and more than seven years’ experience writing for publication, I still feel like a misfit. Who has ever heard of a female engineer who writes fiction about race issues? So, I still struggle with building a following, a platform, a brand (in publishing-speak).

In short, I have allowed my own disappointments, or flies in the ointment, to derail my craft and distract me from God’s purpose for me as one of his hands in the Kingdom. I apologize for this.

And to my readers, I apologize publicly for publishing Saving Tate Michaels too early. It has been re-released with a ton of corrections. If you find others, please tell me. I won’t get mad at you. I promise to do better.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.


3 Replies to “Flies in the Ointment”

  1. Hi Linda,
    The same thing happened to me. Thankfully my first press run was small. So after the reprint another reader found typos and margin shifts. So I hired-yes hired-a line editor and my wife found an error.

    BTW you read my book about four years ago in one of its first drafts and had some very nice things to say. Five drafts later, beta readers, book doctors, two editors and one nervous breakdown I found a publisher. We introduced it in Jan of this year. It’s called Growin’Up White. Please visit my Facebook page to see what is going on with it.

  2. Linda, I am right where you are. I am editing for bazillionth time. Hard to afford all the editing we have to go through. And also self-publishing. I can sure relate. Don’t let it bother you so much. The cool part is that you got to fix them with being indie. That is cool. Hugs—I sure know how you feel.

  3. Thanks for your support, Sandy Faye and Dwight. It means a lot to me that I’m not the only one struggling as a self-published author. Keep the faith and keep writing, friends.

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